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February 06 2018


honestly the high fantasy genre is suffering because authors can’t stop ripping off tolkien and basing their worlds off the same few shitty medieval european countries complete with Historically Accurate Misogyny™, HF has so much untapped potential for creating beautiful and diverse and interesting worlds and authors just squander it by rehashing middle earth over and over


since Vday is coming up, this post is an official announcement that you have my permission to send me horrible, inappropriate, and outright hilarious tumblr valentines


after experiencing “feelings” i have decided that this just isn’t for me but thank you for the opportunity

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Twitter / silnied2

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we named our cat after finn from star wars

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The Cherry Picker, 1891, Berthe Morisot

Size: 84x154 cm
Medium: oil on canvas

my 6yo cousin is here and he’s searching pics of his favorite futebol players so he can draw them and idk man it’s cute


So many Pro-Spanking advocates talk about how they “Deserved” to be hit by their parents because they were “a bad kid.” And it makes me so sad.

You weren’t.

You weren’t a bad kid, and you didn’t deserve to be hit. Maybe you were a difficult kid, maybe you struggled with boundaries or rules or expectations. Maybe you had bad behavior much of the time. But you, yourself, were not and are not a BAD person for that, and you didn’t EARN violence. You didn’t have it coming. It shouldn’t have happened to you. 


I am really very fond of Carver’s character arc in DA2, should he become a Warden.  He’s not really sure who he is, at first: Hawke’s little brother, and what else?  He defends the family, yes, as all good Hawkes do.  But he wonders if he is, or should be, anything beyond that.

Then he becomes a Warden.  A killer of darkspawn– those very things that drove the Hawkes from their home to begin with– but also a defender of Thedas, as a whole.  In being a Warden, Carver becomes not only a guardian for his family, but for people all across the world.  He learns who he is and who he can be.


Anyway Kaidan is an amazing bisexual person of colour who really is an unique character compared to all the uber macho marine characters mainstream media oftentimes has. The dude likes beer and steak and still is totally down to talk about his trauma and feelings with you. He’s not afraid to speak up against Shepard and doesn’t follow them around like a lap dog, he doesn’t need Shepard to rise in the ranks, he’s completely independent and even after outranking Shepard in Mass Effect 3, he still follows them to hell and back because he wants to do good and because he respects them as a person. He’s one of the only people who isn’t blinded by the image of the Great Commander Shepard because he knows they’re still a human being



And another thing about the VM comic:

When they said “Vox Machina Origins comic,” I pictured, like, a retelling of the events from the “story so far” recap video. You know, the actual origins of the characters. Why isn’t the story that? Who is this weird evil elf woman we don’t care about? And why isn’t he taking advantage of the seven books he’s been given to spread the focus out amongst the seven characters?

Based on what I saw of the first issue, I would’ve paced the whole thing out like this:

  • Issue 1: Twins-focused, leaning towards Vax. They meet Keyleth and decide to head into Stillben to look for work. This is interspersed with bits of their backstory, and also Trinket is already there because fuck you Colville Vex was a teenager when she got him you don’t even have to watch the damn show to get that backstory do your goddamn research.
  • Issue 2: Scanlan-focused. Show what he and Grog are getting up to, hint at that mysterious past of his. End with them also returning to a pub in Stillben to look for work.
  • Issue 3: Keyleth-focused. Start with an explanation of her backstory and move into telling events from her perspective as the disparate parts of VM are brought together by an NPC and hired for their first quest. Maybe end the issue with the reveal of that fetal god monster thing.
  • Issue 4: Twin-focused, leaning towards Vex, who reflects on how it’s always just been the two of them. Fight the fetal god monster thing. Go back and kill the person who tried to trap them. Everyone decides to stick together and the S.H.I.T. is formed. They agree to meet up after taking care of their own business, and the twins privately discuss how it might be nice to have others around.
  • Issue 5: Grog-centric, but mostly in the perspective of the others puzzling over his absence when he fails to meet up with them. Travel to Westrunn, introduce Pike, investigate the missing Goliath, end off with finding him.
  • Issue 6: Pike-centric. They beat the lich and investigate the phylactary inside Grog. A trip is made to the wizard to learn of the ingredients they need to help him. Maybe rearrange the order a bit if there’s still pages to fill, and end off with them going to find the cult with the Nightmare.
  • Issue 7: Percy-focused. Spend a fair chunk of the issue flashing back and forth between his backstory and the current plot. The others find him in the cell, he shows off his guns for the first time. They save Grog and decide to head to Emon, Percy opts to come along (maybe because of encouragement from Keyleth and Vex), end comic with them all riding off into the sunset.

Just try to tell me that wouldn’t be more interesting than Colville’s OoC fanfic fearuring assassin school.

And why isn’t he taking advantage of the seven books he’s been given to spread the focus out amongst the seven characters?

From what we’ve seen, Scanlan is his favorite, he doesn’t know what to do with Grog because Grog doesn’t quip, and he really doesn’t know what to do with Vex because he didn’t watch the Feywild Arc or indeed much of the show at all. (He thinks she hates her mom, is regularly mean/bitchy to her brother, and brags about being a trained killer. What the … what?)

I think if he felt this uncomfortable handling some of the ensemble, and was so unprepared having watched very little of the show, he should have turned down this offer and suggested they hire someone else. Someone who was familiar with the characters and their histories. Someone who had worked in comics before. Preferably, someone with both of those qualities. 


me: Its realistic that not every companion likes the other. In real life not everybody becomes friends with everyone, so I appreciate the dynamics some people put in video games

also me every time my companions are mean to eachother:

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D&D 5e Character Creation Flow Charts: Backgrounds and Classes

This only includes the backgrounds included in the Player’s Handbook Mind you, so no SCAG options.

Class one doesn’t assume archetype obviously. 

A fun little project I made after work today, I thought it might be helpful for players newer to the system in choosing their character’s options, or just a fun little tool.

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Area Man Discovers New Dimension


Becomes Volume Man

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