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October 28 2017


“we could run away,” julian says some time into the night. they lay in asra’s bed, bathed in moonlight through the open window. the thin curtains sway gently in the breeze, the soft rustle of the fabric the only sound before julian’s voice had broken the silence. “from vesuvia, from the plague, from lucio. from all of this.”

he’s leaning on asra’s chest, fingers curled around his ribs, and it takes a bit of effort for asra to look down at him and laugh. there’s no humor there, but there’s a warmth that sinks below julian’s skin. asra has a way of doing that, of getting into him like the rain on a hot evening.

now he looks away, up at the stars through his window. “oh, ilya.” julian knows what’s coming as well as he knows what that tone of voice and those words mean, and already steels himself. “i won’t do it, and you don’t mean it. i have so much keeping me here, and you — ilya, you want to believe you can leave this behind but you can’t. who’ll cure the city with you gone, hmm?”

“it’s you i can’t leave,” julian murmurs. his lips brush against the thin skin along asra’s ribs; beneath it, he feels asra’s heart beat a little faster as his breath catches.

he reaches down, brushes julian’s hair back from his face. “i can’t give you all of me,” he says. julian has a catalogue in his head of every time he’s said it.

julian, though, only laughs. “give me something, then, to keep me here.”

asra turns them both over and julian drowns again in the shape of asra’s mouth against him.

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i need to put all three of these pictures in a single post. this is significant. this matters. this is why i exist

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Okay i gotta go to work but I thought this was really cute so i made into a header! this is free to use w credit :^)

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rb with what instrumen your MC would play and what instrument you think your favorite arcana character would play :^)

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me, two weeks ago: ok i’m not gonna fill up my entire blog with the arcana,, i’ll reblog content sparingly so i won’t clutter anyone’s dash with it

me, now: oops

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His name is Tru and he likes belly rubs and jazz music

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❤︎ Asra from the visual novel The Arcana! ❤︎ Please support this beauty over on kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nixhydra/the-arcana-visual-novel ❤︎

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Photographer Spends Eternity Waiting For Museum Visitors To Match Artworks And The Result Is Worth The Wait

Well, that’s very clever staging.

*reads article*


Obviously, of course, people are drawn to things they already like, but still, great choices, Stefan!

October 27 2017

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[subtlety -100]

waiting for an update be like


me: i want love

also me: doesn’t like dating apps, doesn’t go out, doesn’t put herself out there, always falls for unavailable people, is kinda ugly anyways

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this is my favourite bit of otgw trivia (text from Art of Over the Garden Wall)


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crazy ex-girlfriend characters: heather davis (season 2)

You just want someone who will yammer about Josh with you all day long because with me, every time you mention Josh, I make you give me five dollars. By the way, you owe me three-hundred dollars.


hey so like please imagine Nadia and Asra, out on the town, being Buds, being Pals, being Friends, and some travelling merchant or someone who doesn’t know who She is asking if they’re a couple/complimenting how cute a couple they are and Nadia’s lips twisting in a smile and she’s gonna say ‘uh no’ but then Asra loops his arm through hers and says they are/thanks the guy and buys her something pretty with his 72 cents (probably haggles with the guy tbh) and Nadia is so amused by the charade that they go around the rest of the day, seeing who else they can convince

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